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As my business is extending at the moment, I have decided to view some of my projects, with some links to their sites.

Basically, I have made quite a few customers, I have designed software for some of them, others I made their websites, and quite a few who have their sites hosted by me now.

Well, to start with, here are few websites that I made, or hosted or both...

Graphicscene, Eyeblinder and The Agency for instance, are basically some sites that I fully developed and currently hosting using the fastnet solution @100MBps.

While, Russianwolf is another site that I am only hosting now. It's a nice and useful site, I am sure you would like it.

About business software development, as I am fully licensed to develop software solutions, I also have made few customers, Jack Rogers & Co. Ltd, for instance is another great customer who I developed some products for their use. PlanIT is a software that I have developed to manage all the Point Of Sales (POS) systems used by Design-GO International.

Another field I enjoy working on, Networking Basically, I have networked quite a few places, starting with the Wimbledon School of Art, which was my first Networking project, it contained a server and quite a number of client machines that are all networked, this was my first project I done at the end of 1997, to be honest, I wasn't as good as I am today as this was the first networking project.

Metro morning newspaper was another networking project that I have done at NewCastle back in 1999. I have done the installation of more than 30 terminals, all networked with an environment consists of PDC+BDC server system. Unfortunately, their site link is no longer functional therefore I cannot publish it here.

Now, back in 1998, I was a team member working on a project lasted for 1.5 years to design a client-server software system for Lanzarote Beach Club to prepare for the new Internet Vacation Club , this project consisted of a server and a management console system for reservations, a nice idea, people when arriving at the Airport, have their list of travellers automatically sent to the club to know how many busses to send to pick them up, when arriving, the system check them in and also activate their telephones with information about what nationality they are for personalisation i.e. when someone ring reception, they know beforehand what language to greet the customer before picking the phone up! I think that was one of the coolest client-server that I made that time.

Another field, I also worked in, was Telecommunications, I have worked with several clients to develop special applications that controls and reports the Telecommunication systems, that included remote management, reporting, administration, and data switching. Unfortunately, I cannot mention my clients on this page as they would like to keep their privacy.



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