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My previous experience and working history has drove me towards making products.

Well, until now, I have been working in quite few number of fields. Softwre Development is something I always like to do. I have designed a fairly good number of Products.

Some of these products are customised for customers, some of these customers do not have problems listing their products designed by myself on my page, while other customers would like more confidentiality for not publishing any of these products that I have already designed/developed to serve their purpose in terms of helping to solve a problem for a customer, or reduce the amount of workload that they might have. So, if you would like to have a custom design of any product in mind, then you've came to the right place.

Due to the amount of workload that I currently have, unfortunately, it might take some time to begin working on any new project at the moment, or it might be a bit slow. Customers who have known me, always believe that I am very fast when doing their projects.

Some of these products are quite new, other are not fully listed on my site, as you can see, I deal with all sorts of areas within the IT field. I always design, develop and support my project.

Well, as you can see here, I have worked in quite few fields, Networking, Domain/Web Hosting, Software Development, Audio and Video editing and I also done quite a lot of Teaching...

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